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As you may now know, we are opening our second store in the location of Neighbourhood Farms, and we feel fortunate to be contributing to their mission and vision. In this light, we’ve interviewed Justin and Eugenie, co-founders, to share a deeper understanding about what their NPO is all about, why they started and why their mission is vital to the health of our community and our environment.


Hi Eugenie and Justin, please tell us more about Neighbourhood Farms?

Neighbourhood Farms is an NPO with the purpose of fixing a broken food system. Some may ask – What is a broken food system? It’s a food system that does not focus on the wellbeing of the community – on a physical, mental, and financial level.

Neighbourhood Farms envisions the creation of a system that provides nutritionally dense organic food in communities but also creates opportunities to micro-entrepreneurs. It’s about education, upliftment and providing the best that nature has to offer, how nature intended.

Where is NHF located?

We are located in the southern peninsula in Cape Town, where we have established ourselves on previously unutilised land within schools and hospitals. We saw this land going to waste and have been able to effectively turn it into productive land that serves the local communities.

Why did you start?

This broken food system rang close to our hearts and became a constant topic of conversation and debate. We saw a disconnect between consumers, community members and farmers and we so desperately knew that we could make a difference. We feel that our current retail system does not focus on health and wellbeing, but rather on convenience and profits. We wish to shift that focus to serve the health and wellbeing of our planet, our soil, and our communities.

What does Organic Farming mean to you?

One of our favourite sayings on the farm is: “Try organic food, or as our grandparents called it – FOOD.” Organic farming means we do not use any chemical inputs, fertilisers, or pesticides. We build and enrich the soil so that we end up with nutritious, wholesome, and organic produce. With organic farming, we can grow good food that is not detrimental to community members and out planet.  Organic food is just food how nature intended it to be…

How can we support NHF?

All Things Earthly situated on our farms in Kommetjie and Fish Hoek, will be selling our organic produce. You can support us by purchasing this produce, therefore making it economically sustainable for us.

We have recently launched an initiative where the public can sponsor a block of land for only R200 per year, which goes towards contributing to the wellbeing of the farm. This being training of farmers, baboon-proofing, and furthering our work with the community. We don’t ask for a lot, we are just looking to make a difference and inspire others to do the same.

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