"As mothers, we feel an urgent responsibility to co-create a future in which our children and our planet can not only survive, but thrive.

All Things Earthly is our mission."

-Diane & Talitha, Co-Founders


Diane & Talitha
 All Things Earthly is co-owned by Talitha Kotze and Diane Willson du Toit


We are Talitha (from Healthy Kids are Cool since 2017) and Diane (from Knōsh Earth Food since 2017 and Terra Mammas since 2018). As two highly driven women who already run our own businesses, we are expert multi-taskers, making time for our roles as moms, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, and purposeful spirits of the universe.

All Things Earthly

All Things Earthly offers customers clean, natural and locally grown produce; chemical- and preservative-free groceries; cruelty-free body care; and eco-household products, including: organic fruit and veg, dry goods, organic dairy, pasture raised chicken and eggs, healthy snacks, natural body products, healthcare, lunchbox goods, gifts, recipes, books and so much more.

Where We Have Come From

Farm Village Noordhoek