At All Things Earthly, 'Our Spirit' forms the foundation of our business, shaping every aspect from sourcing clean ingredients and supporting local producers to ensuring GMO-free, organically grown, and specialty diet-friendly offerings.

This is not just our belief, but a commitment that guides our practices and interactions with you, reflecting our dedication to quality and conscious living.

Clean Ingredients: Our first and foremost principle is to only stock items with Clean Ingredients. What does this mean for us? When sourcing and evaluating new products, we read the labels and ensure we have a full understanding of all the ingredients. We don’t allow any artificial colourants, preservatives, MSG, or refined sugars in our store.

What does this mean for you? Well, an easy shopping experience where you can be assured that whatever you buy is good for you. Shop at peace knowing that we have done the work for you, we have read the labels and filtered out the bad stuff, leaving a store filled with healthy and clean goodness.

Locally Sourced: We’re local and we love it. As far as possible, we are dedicated to sourcing local products for you.

Top of the reasons why we support our local South African brands is because we truly believe that we hold the talent and efficiencies to create, grow and produce the best there is to offer.

Staying engaged with our local farms and businesses allows us a greater sense of community.

Aside from that, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact as far as possible, and we feel comforted knowing that supporting local means uplifting our job market and the economy.

If you align fully with our ethos, please look at our application process

Organically Grown: At All Things Earthly we aim to sourcing organically grown produce where possible.

We do this because it aligns with our personal and business values of health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, and community support.

Our Kommetjie and Fish Hoek stores are based on the location of Neighbourhood Farms, an NPO growing organic produce. We also collaborate with Jardim Farm in Noordhoek. You can shop freshly harvested weekly produce either in store or online. By prioritizing organic and locally sourced produce, we aim to provide you with high-quality, environmentally friendly food options that support your health and well-being, while also promoting a more regenerative food system.

GMO Free: At All Things Earthly, we take our ingredients policy very seriously.

We say a very big NO to GMO and you will not find any GMO ingredients on our shelves.

We choose to follow this policy for both personal health and environmental health reasons.

Many GMO crops are engineered to be resistant to herbicides and pesticides, which means that they are often heavily sprayed with these chemicals.

Choosing non-GMO products can help to reduce exposure to these harmful chemicals. Non-GMO crops are also more nutrient-dense than GMO foods.

Lastly, the use of antibiotics in livestock feed has been linked to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can pose a serious threat to human health.

Choosing non-GMO products, particularly when it comes to animal products, can help to reduce the use of antibiotics in agriculture and mitigate this risk.

Non-GMO crops are often grown using more sustainable farming practices, such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and natural pest management.

This can help to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture by promoting soil health, reducing erosion, and minimizing the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

GMO crops are often designed to be monoculture crops, which means that they are grown in large, uniform fields with little diversity.

This can have negative impacts on biodiversity by reducing the variety of plants and animals in the area. Choosing non-GMO products can help to promote biodiversity by supporting smaller-scale, more diverse farming practices.

By supporting our non-GMO policy, you too are supporting your personal health and our environmental health! Join us today and say NO to GMO!

Speciality Diets: We are dedicated to supporting you on every stage of your health journey. We recognise that everyone follows their own way of eating and we 100% support you in that.

Whether you’re plant-based or keto, gluten- or dairy-free, we’re dedicated to stocking the right products to meet your lifestyle. We place specific focus on stocking products to meet the needs of the below lifestyles:

– Plant-based
– Ethical eater
– Organic
– Sugar free and diabetic friendly
– Allergen friendly (free from gluten, dairy, eggs)
– Keto, banting and grain free

If there is something you’re desperately looking for but cannot find in our store, please let us know by chatting to the team in store or sending us a message. We value your needs and aim to meet them wherever possible.

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